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Monarch Ballroom Events.

Our beautiful ballroom is ordained with a fusion of latin and an art deco decor that will dazzle your guests as they sit underneath three chandeliers dripping with crystals, flowers and color changing bulbs. 

Our garden walls are also another crown jewel of our ballroom, detailed with strung crystals, rhinestoned butterflies, orchids and velvet drapes. Our decor is something your guests will be talking about for along time and will make your special event that much more memorable. 

Our beautiful 2,200 square foot ballroom includes 1,500 sf of the highest quality floating dance floor, amazing surround sound speakers, extra large mirrors framed gold, exceptional lighting (that can be changed to any color you desire), central air and convenient street parking. Our Studio is wheel chair accessible as are our two spacious bathrooms. We have a kitchen a functional kitchen with a Large refrigerator (large enough to hold party sized portions and a cake). Our space also has a small changing area, a front lobby/sitting area and a back patio.

Our maximum capacity for a seated  dinner party (banquet tables)  is 80 guests or less

Our maximum capacity for a reception style party (standing cocktail tables) is 100 guests or less

Call us today to set up a time to take a tour of our space and reserve your date for your event! We can't wait to hear from you and help you make your event unique! 

The Monarch Ballroom


1323 El Prado Ave. Torrance CA 90501


Event Rental Pricing



*We require a deposit of $400 for all party rentals & events 

*Deposit is completely refundable once an event is complete, there is no damage found & the venue is returned to it's original state! 


$1,500 Flat Rate:  

(breakdown of rate: consultation: $50,  $200 per hour, $250 cleaning fee, $200 set-up/tear-down  labor)

 Includes: 5 hours (time for set-up & clean-up are included in the 5 hour time allotted) 

* Banquet Tables (each table seats 10 guests), Chairs, Standing Cocktail Tables, Serving Tables & Linens for all

*Use of Music System

* Kitchen & Bathroom Access as well as Bathroom Essentials

* Cleaners (post party). 

*(additional time will be hourly at $200 per hour) 

Option #2  FULL SERVICE (Most Popular) 

$3,500 Flat Rate: 

(breakdown of rate: consultation: $50,  $200 per hour, $250 cleaning fee, $200 set-up/tear-down  labor,  $1,200 decor/floral/balloon services, $800 supplies & m )

 Includes: 5 hours (time for set-up & clean-up are included in the 5 hour time allotted) 

*Design Consultation & Decor Services

*Tables, Chairs, Serving Tables & Linens

*Use of Music System

* Kitchen & Bathroom Access as well as Bathroom Essentials

* Cleaners (post party). 

*(additional time will be hourly at $200 per hour) 

*This option includes a full set-up and decor planning service that is personalized to the customers needs & done in-house so you can come in to your own party as a guest and not have to worry about all of the decor and planning details.. 3 options included, any additional options are $100 per item. 

 *Floral Center Piece Designs & Specialized Custom Floral Designs

*Balloon Arches & Balloon Garland Design

*Personalized Desert, Candy & or Drink Table Designs

 *Custom Photo Wall Designs 

*Draping & Curtain Designs 

*Custom Signage and Labels 

*Table Centerpiece Designs 


*The deposit is held as a security for blocking out a specific date and time. If your event is cancelled prior to the scheduled time the deposit will NOT be returned. 

*If there is damage to the venue or its amenities then your deposit will be used to cover the replacement or repair costs of those items. 

*If there is damage  that exceeds the amount of the deposit renters understand that they are required to cover any additional amount that exceeds their deposit. 

*Renters understand that they they assume full responsibility for the actions, behavior and damage of their guests & hired help/contractors during their event. 

*Renters also assume full financial responsibility for any violations to the Torrance city ordinance laws that may result in a fine. 

*Renters also assume full liability for injury and health crisis' for themselves, their guests, hired help/contractors or anyone that they invite onto the premises & in to the rental space during their event times. 

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 Deposits/ Liability/Renters & Guests:

*Renters are 100% responsible for damages to the dance studio, sound equipment, the building itself, mirrors, floors, or any studio property during the time of the rental.

*Deposits are used to hold a date in our studio calendar & block any other studio activity from being able to take place on that specific date. Any changes to scheduled event dates or times may result in a loss of deposit or a change fee.

*Deposits are only returned at the completion of an event as long as the balance has been paid in full & there are no damages to the space or the studio equipment. 

*Renters understand that they are 100% responsible for their guests, caterers, planners or any hired persons that the renter bring on to the premises during their event. If a renter decides to serve alcohol or invite caterers onto the premises they understand that they (the renters), the servers/caterers must hold insurance for such services and the Monarch Ballroom will not be held responsible. 

*Renters also take 100% responsibility for actions taken by their guests, for any loss or damage to the space or for any injuries or loss to personal property or the property of guests while on the premises. . 

*Renters understand that their credit card information will be held and if there is damage or loss of property that exceeIf the damages or loss exceeds the deposit amount renters agree to pay the residual amount needed to replace or repair anything that was damaged or missing. 

The Monarch Ballroom

1323 El Prado Avenue, Torrance, California 90501, United States