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Event Rental Pricing


Event & Party Pricing

To reserve a calendar date we require a deposit of:


Hourly Rental:

Option 1:

Space Only:  $175 per hour (3 hour Minimum)

Plus Cleaning Fee: 


Option 2:

Space/Chairs/Tables: $200 Per Hour (4 Hour Minimum)

Plus Cleaning Fee:



*Full Party Planning Package: (Includes: 4 Hours of Event/Party Time, Set Up, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Decorating Services, Clean Up, Cleaning Fee, Coordination of Party & Communication and Coordination with Caterers,  Floral/Balloon Design.) ($100 per hour for additional time) 


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 Deposits/ Liability/Renters & Guests:

*Renters are 100% responsible for damages to the dance studio, sound equipment, the building itself, mirrors, floors, or any studio property during the time of the rental.

*Deposits are used to hold a date in our studio calendar & block any other studio activity from being able to take place on that specific date. Any changes to scheduled event dates or times may result in a loss of deposit or a change fee.

*Deposits are only returned at the completion of an event as long as the balance has been paid in full & there are no damages to the space or the studio equipment. 

*Renters understand that they are 100% responsible for their guests, caterers, planners or any hired persons that the renter bring on to the premises during their event. If a renter decides to serve alcohol or invite caterers onto the premises they understand that they (the renters), the servers/caterers must hold insurance for such services and the Monarch Ballroom will not be held responsible. 

*Renters also take 100% responsibility for actions taken by their guests, for any loss or damage to the space or for any injuries or loss to personal property or the property of guests while on the premises. . 

*Renters understand that their credit card information will be held and if there is damage or loss of property that exceeIf the damages or loss exceeds the deposit amount renters agree to pay the residual amount needed to replace or repair anything that was damaged or missing. 

The Monarch Ballroom

1323 El Prado Avenue, Torrance, California 90501, United States