Welcome to The Monarch Ballroom

A Note From The Owner!

Welcome to our beautiful little studio located in the heart of old town Torrance.

Aside from offering quality dance instruction my goal is also to inspire every student that walks through our doors and take them on an adventure in to the the world of Dance, Movement, Health, Art and Creativity. 

From the health benefits from the sheer movement of each pattern to the feeling of achievement when you get something you have been working on for weeks to the feeling and artistry of each dance that you will connect with, there are benefits for everyone single person learning to dance. 

At The Monarch Ballroom we are all inclusive and there is no discrimination allowed here. Dance with who you want to dance with, and express yourself to the best of your ability. Tolerance, Respect and Love is our mission. No matter where you come from, your age, your gender, your ability or disability, all are welcomed. We hope to see you on the dance floor soon! 


The Studio

Info Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!